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Should You Take A Winter Term Class?

by Kaitlyn Wightman
Marketing Specialist

December 05, 2014

It’s that time of year again when fall semester ends and the holiday break begins. It’s also when you decide if you should take a winter term class. 

Winter classes mean that you can earn three credits in four weeks. Many winter classes are conveniently offered online and even at a local campus near you. 

So, should you take a winter term class? Here are reasons why taking a winter term class could be the right decision for you. 

You Need To Retake That Class

Didn’t get the grade you wanted in an important class? 

If you didn’t meet the grade standard for a pre-requisite or if you simply want to boost your GPA, consider retaking that class now during the winter term. 

You Want To Graduate On Time—Or Early

Don’t let one class determine if you graduate a semester or even a year later. 

Earn your degree on your time schedule. By taking a winter class, you are one step closer to graduation

You Want To Snag That Hard-To-Get Class

It can be a struggle during the fall and spring semesters to get a spot in a class that is popular, a degree pre-requisite or has limited amount of seats open. 

That’s not the case with winter classes. 

Winter classes can often guarantee enrollment for that hard-to-get class so that you stay on track in earning your degree. 

You Want To Reduce Your Course Load Next Semester

If you know you’re in for a busy semester in the spring, lighten your load by taking a winter class. 

By taking a winter term class now, you’ll have more time during the spring semester to focus on your career, family and community commitments without falling behind in your degree program. 

Ready to take a winter term class? It’s not too late to enroll for winter term classes at Northern Arizona University. 

Not ready? You can always wait to take that important class during the spring semester.  

Not sure what do to? Discuss your options with your NAU advisor today. 

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