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The 411 On NAU’s 90/30 Degree Programs

by Kaitlyn Wightman
Marketing Specialist

April 14, 2014

As we said before, getting to NAU should be easy. That’s why our degrees let you transfer more credits from your community college. 

How about transferring 90 credits? 

Meet our 90/30 degree programs. Maximize your transfer credits and earn your bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

So, What Are The 90/30 Degree Programs?

Earn up to 90 credits at your local college. Complete your final 30 credits at NAU. Graduate with your bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University. 

That’s it.

Your final 30 credits at NAU focus on your chosen field of study:

Wait, I Can Transfer ANY 90 Credits?

Well, there are a few exceptions. 

The 90 credits you earn at your community college must meet NAU’s Liberal Arts, Diversity and Communication Skills requirements. College classes that don’t meet these requirements can’t be applied towards the 90/30 degree program. University requirements are listed on every degree page

Pre-college level courses—classes with a course number beginning in 0—also can’t be applied towards the degree. 

Work with your advisor early so that you can make the most of your transfer credits at NAU. 

Why Can I Do This?

Most of the 90/30 degree programs are interdisciplinary studies degrees. That means you can tailor your education to one or several career fields of interest. 

Pretty neat, huh? 

See for yourself why an NAU graduate loved the 90/30 degree program. 

Are Other Arizona Universities Doing This?

Nope. Other public universities in Arizona have a transfer limit of 64 credits. 

Why transfer 64 credits when you can transfer up to 90 credits at NAU? 

Work with your NAU advisor to see if the 90/30 degree program is right for you. Get started here.

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