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The Real Value of Earning a University Certificate

by Kaitlyn Wightman
Marketing Specialist

June 21, 2014

Did you know that you have the option to earn a university certificate while earning your degree at NAU? 

Okay, but what is a university certificate? 

In short, university certificates are college education programs that focus on one specific subject area. Some university certificates are designed to earn alongside your degree, while others are stand-alone certifications. 

University certificate programs range from professional writing and educational technology to speech-language pathology and emergency management

Can earning a university certificate really impact your success? Here are some of the ways how earning a university certificate can open doors in your career. 

Show Your Competency

When a hiring manager sees that you earned a university certificate, he or she knows that you’ve mastered coursework relevant to the job. By pairing a university certificate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, your resume will show that you have the theoretical education and practical skills to get the job done right—not to mention catch the attention of companies actively seeking these credentials in their candidates. 

Tailor Your Education To Your Career Goals

Specialized training can bring great value to your profession and the people you serve. University certificates concentrate on specific skills and management styles not taught in the coursework of your degree while adding value to the degree you are earning. 

Commit To What You Can

If going back to school to earn your degree is too big of a commitment right now, earn a university certificate in the meanwhile. University certificates are designed to be stepping-stones to bachelor and master degree programs by preparing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a university degree program. Plus, your grad school application will shine by earning a university certificate. 

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