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  • Earn Your College Degree In Your Local Community

    Northern Arizona University has more than 30 local campuses across Arizona, including 12 campuses in Maricopa County (Phoenix area), two campuses in Tucson, and a campus in Yuma.

    Taking classes locally through NAU-Extended Campuses is the best way to:

    • Learn without leaving – Complete your NAU college degree in person without having to leave your friends and family behind.
    • Keep your day job – Most in-person classes are held in the evenings or on weekends so you can take classes around your work schedule.
    • Enjoy local networking – Connect with like-minded faculty, professionals and peers all in your community.
    • Lower secondary costs – Save money on gas, reduce your commuting time and find a good school/life balance by staying close to home.

    Blended Degrees: A Mix Of Online Classes & In-Person Classes

    NAU also offers many degrees in a blended format. This means some courses are available in person and some are online.

    The blended degree option gives you more flexibility when completing your degree and provides more diverse program options to students all across Arizona.

    Hybrid Classes Offer Even More Flexibility

    If you’re looking for the personal touch of an in-person college class but still need the flexibility of online classes, take advantage of hybrid classes.

    In hybrid college classes, most of the work is completed online, but you also meet as a class occasionally for lectures and discussions.

    It’s the best of both worlds.

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