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  • Earn A College Degree Online  

    Through NAU-Extended Campuses, you can choose from a variety of accredited, entirely online degree programs and pursue your bachelor’s or master’s degree without interrupting work or your personal life.

    NAU also offers degree programs in a blended format, which means you complete some courses online and some in person at one of the more than 30 campuses across Arizona .  

    Explore Our Online Bachelor's and Master's Degrees
    How Online Classes Work

    As an online student, you take courses through the Blackboard Learn (BbLearn) platform. There, you can connect with professor and peers, participate in discussions and view lecture presentations, much like an in-person class, but from the location and during the time most suitable for you.

    Most online classes are asynchronous, meaning you log in and “attend class” when most convenient. However, some classes are synchronous, with set times  when you are required to log in and participate. Look for asynchronous or synchronous when registering for online classes.

    NOTE: This does not apply to Personalized Learning, which uses a different platform.  

    Online Class Resources & Support

    NAU offers numerous resources for online students. These include

    • Technical Support – The Student Technology Center offers 24/7 IT support during the Fall and Spring semesters and daytime-hour support in the summertime.
    • Online Library Resources – The NAU Cline Library provides online access to journals, e-books, Google Scholar and other resources. You can even chat live with Cline librarians.
    • Tutoring – Need assistance with science, math or writing? NAU's Student Learning Centers will connect you with an online tutor who can help.
    • Campus Resources – You can also tap the resources of your local NAU campus , including computer labs, in-person tutoring, IT help and more.

    Personalized Learning: The Self-Paced Option

    If you are motivated to complete your bachelor’s degree online at your own pace, then consider one of NAU’s new Personalized Learning degree programs.

    Personalized Learning is a competency-based, self-paced program with no set classes or schedules. Coursework is entirely online and customized to fit what you already know and how you learn.

    It’s not right for everyone, but it might be right for you. Take a quick online self-assessment to find out.

  • NAU Online Degree Programs
    NAU offers 80+ online bachelor's and master's degrees. 
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