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  • Going To College Is Even More Affordable

    Even with Northern Arizona University’s tuition rates already among the lowest in the nation, you may be eligible for additional tuition savings through one of the many discounted tuition programs at NAU.

    Below are details about NAU’s reduced tuition plans, including:

    • Options for Military and Veteran Students
    • World Wide University (WWU)
    • Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE)
    • Western Regional Graduate Program
    • Good Neighbor Policy

    Military & Veteran Student Tuition Benefits

    NAU honors military personnel by offering Department of Defense Tuition Assistance rates for military personnel who qualify for the DOD TA rate. This means your college tuition rate is set at $250 per credit hour for undergraduate or graduate study—the maximum covered by the DoD. Work with your military education office to complete your necessary forms.

    If you are a veteran with Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, you’ll be happy to know that, as a public institution, NAU qualifies for full in-state tuition assistance under the bill’s new regulations.

    For assistance, contact the NAU Office of Military and Veteran Affairs.


    “GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)”


    WWU: Reduced Tuition For Out-of-State Online-Only Students

    If you are a non-Arizona resident, residing outside Arizona, and are taking all of your NAU courses online, you are eligible for the World Wide University (WWU) tuition program. As a WWU student, you only pay 1.5 times in-state tuition instead of the full out-of-state rates. That's a savings of more than 35%. 

    You can check your WWU eligibility when you enroll in classes via the LOUIE system.

    NOTE: Reduced tuition is only available for classes taken in Spring and Fall semesters. If you reside outside the U.S., please email the Extended Campuses Service Center at to learn about WWU eligibility.

    WUE: Save On Your Bachelor’s Degree Tuition

    If you plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in person at the NAU-Yuma Branch Campus and are a resident of one of 14 western states, you may be eligible for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program.

    Similar to WWU, in the WUE program, you only pay 1.5 times in-state tuition. Contact Undergraduate Admissions to find out if you meet the eligibility requirements for WUE. 

    And, if you are an out-of-state resident who lives within 75 miles of the Arizona border, you can offset that 50% extra tuition amount through the Good Neighbor Policy.

    NOTE: You will automatically be evaluated for WUE eligibility after you apply to NAU .

    WRGP: Reduced Tuition For Out-of-State Students

    If you are a resident of one of the 15 western states and plan to enroll in a select graduate program at one of NAU’s statewide campuses, you may qualify for full in-state tuition under the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP).

    NOTE: When applying to the NAU Graduate College, complete the WRGP program application. You will receive an eligibility notice within four weeks.

    Good Neighbor Policy

    If you are a non-Arizona resident and live within 75 miles of the Arizona border, you can take in-person classes at certain NAU statewide campuses at the in-state tuition rate for up to 6 credits (generally two courses).

    Find out if you meet the requirements for the Good Neighbor Policy by contacting your appropriate admissions office (Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate College). If you are a continuing student, please contact the Office of the Registrar.


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